Our wedding party

Our wedding party is made up of our families and our best friends :) The pairs we have lined up should make for an exciting wedding! :)
Chelsea's attendants
  • Kaitlin Nett, Maid Of Honor
    Kaitlin is Chelsea's best friend :) It started as a work friendship that grew into a very special friendship. Whenever they are together, a great time is to be had. Kaitlin is someone who will be there at any time, even though she lives across the country now. We can't wait to be able to spend time together in July! See you soon!!
  • Amie Krueger, Bridesmaid
    Amie is Chelsea's crazy aunt:) Amie was only 11 years old when Chelsea was born, so Amie thought of her more as a fun toy. They have always had a special relationship more like a best friend than an aunt. Amie is great when you need an adventure or when you need a good laugh. Love you!
  • Courtney DesArmo, Bridesmaid
    Courtney is Chelsea younger sister and she is a one of a kind girl. She's tough, like Chelsea, so she can make it through anything. When they were younger, they fought alot. Then Chelsea left for college and now out to Washington and their bond has grown closer. We are looking forward to many more exciting times together. Love You Courtney!!
  • Sally Warning, Bridesmaid
    Sally is Sam's one and only sister. She is a goof just like Sam. Community members always teased them that they were twins growing up because they look and act so much like each other. We are excited to share our new life with her!
  • Harlie DesArmo, Bridesmaid
    Harlie is Chelsea's youngest sister. Chelsea has many nick names for her such as Rudy. Harlie is very theatrical and a little more animated than the rest of the family. We love her and can't wait to share our special day with her!
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